Sunday, December 16, 2007

Review: Reviewer

I have a bone to pick. Indeed I do. This is gonna be one of those really boring post that requires you to think with no pictures involved. So get out of here if you are not a heavy reader.

Still here? Good. Ever wonder what gives a reviewer a right to review things and say things to justify another? What gives the right for a reviewer to trash a product or bring them to heaven? Lately things had got me thinking. Can what a reviewer write or say be trusted? Coming from personal experience, I dare say no. I reviewed on a freelance basis for magazines. And there are products which I freely trashed because it is rubbish. For all I care at that point, its a total waste of time and money to own that product. I don't care if the review came out and the person which designed this product will have their life forever tarnished,So am I doing the right thing then? Maybe? Maybe not.

Then there are times when my review was "edited" and printed in a more "welcoming" light. A totally trashing review of a product was turned into a best buy product. All in the name of advertising, revenue and not ruining peoples life. But what about the life of those that are going to purchase the product? Are theirs not worth it? So are they doing the right thing? Maybe? Maybe not

So what is my beef then? My beef is in the fact that advertising guided too much of a reviewers hand. It guided what we type. what we need to type and what we can type. Granted, sometimes its not the advertising side, it might be due to recommendation from others or the fact that the reviewer is a supporter of a that particular brand. Hence they will close one eye on all the flaws and laud all the good parts.

Case in point, I find the movie Transformers to be so and so. But apparently there are a huge number of fans, reviewer and audience alike which find the movie superb. Best movie of the year and what not. The review that came out from the reviewer lauded the great return of Autobots or in particular. Optimus Prime. Good lord, its just a bloody cartoon! I give credit to the fact that the whole movie is lifelike. But its still cheesy and there are certain bones to pick. But does it warrant all the praise given by the reviewer then?

Another example is my very own review. I love Final Fantasy series. Be if for the fact of the story or the gameplay. I just love it. My review of FF 3 was quite high on the scale. But looking back, I felt the game was slow, the graphic was so and so. The song unimaginative and the story totally FF like. I was being biased then. Does it mean I will be biased in the future? Would I do it again and screw up another review? I don't know. Heck, even if I do. I would probably just go on with my life and write the same review that I write occasionally.

So what does all this means? Does it mean that one should stop coming here to read? ( if any actually does it) or should you still come and hope my review and thoughts are actually sound of mind? I don't know. But what I do know is, Don't trust review too much. It might be right. But most of the time. Its just an opinion of a stressed out person with personal agenda or love for certain brand.
-Because I Can-


Dyna-Storm said...

Another good example is the rumor about how Jeff Gerstmann got fired over his review on Kane and Lynch game.

It's always better to take reviews from different sources and draw your own conclusions.

Sometimes reviews are over-rated (including my own game reviews LOL)

- Dyna - G.O.N