Monday, December 17, 2007

Fantasy Zelda Spider Hime Kubrick

Sorry, I couldn't resist. The combination of so many figurine and the kubrick fever I am having makes me go a bit nuts. Not to mention my current mental state is on the borderline of craziness.

I Personally know when I am unhappy or just plain feeling down. I would be spending lots and lots of money on object that are totally useless or can make me laugh. Case in point, Halo Kubrick and a superb sling bag my gf gave to me. Thanks dear!

Now, I am feeling a bit down yet again. Maybe its the stress? Maybe its the holiday mood kicking it. Or just the fact that my gf birthday is superbly near. Yeah. Its erm ( check calender ) tommorow. Holy crap! Its tommorow!

You take a look at all the pictures here. Take your pick. Do your purchase and the usual ho ha. I will be back after tomorrow ( after the b'day celebration)

P/S: Press the picture for more information about them. Now GO!

-Because I Can-