Monday, December 24, 2007

Review: I Am Legend Movie


I caught the movie last friday and I got quite a mix feeling on the movie. Without revealing the content of the movie (yet again) I would like to briefly run through the movie's acting. The whole movie shows Will Smith 90% of the time. There are no other person on the screen when Will Smith is onscreen. This also means the movie depends HEAVILY on his acting skill and the producer's skill to pan the story along.

Taken into context that this movie is a bit "focused" on Will, it says a lot when you are hooked onto the screen expecting and wanting to find out what happen next. Why is he alone, what caused the whole thing and HOW would it end! The movie started off with a Happy and jubilated mood which quickly turns into a catastrophe. As the movie progress you can see how everything fell apart with a snap of a finger (literally)

There are a few gap here and there on why Will is still alive, why is he the MAN which kinds of makes the whole movie loopy ( if you get what I mean) but the movie make a good run of its money by feeling in the gap via interval here and there. By the end of the movie, the whole things fit together nicely and makes you go Whoa..

What gave me a mix feeling about this movie is that the acting and the storyline is not exactly exceptional when you first run through the movie. Its just another movie of a whole hero saving the world. But upon reflecting back now, I find myself thinking of the whole concept of the movie. On how human messes with their own fate. There is a brief dialog in the movie which highlighted on how DESPERATE the situation is.

What would I say about the movie though?I say the movie is a good watch. Its different from what fare you usually get from the normal hero saving the world flick. This is a movie of a desperate stubborn man devoid of all hope trying to keep his sanity in check which has lost EVERYTHING that he has EVER KNOWN.

Watch it if you want something different.

-Because I Can-


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Hey, Nice post, i too watched the movie but had interpreted it a little differently. I too have written a review for this film. you can check it on