Friday, June 22, 2007

Nintendo DS Wrist Strap + Thumb Stylus

I have no idea what to call this, DS original Strap maybe? I FINALLY got this after looking for it for quite some time. Finally found a good samatarian that sold this to me. Apparently he tossed it somewhere and found it back after a I asked for it.

Anyway, the strap is longer then the conventional DS Lite Strap. A lot more longer actually as the strap can double as a thumb stylus. The strap has this small plastic pad attached to it which allows the user to put it under their thumb and use it on the go.

Apparently the pad is designed for use on a game that requires sliding type of control. Whatever that means. But, I do found out that this is a good addition to my DS Lite as it allows me to just strap on and go. But dont expect this pad to be used in pin point accuracy game as the pad is huge and I highly doubt that you can see your touch screen with your thumb over it

But yeah, this is pretty good if you are an avid FPS gamer on DS as it allows you much greater control and hold over your DS lite.

Don't ask me where to get this coz it took me a pretty long time to find it. If you want one, I say good luck to you!

This has nothing to do with the Wrist strap, just wanna show my new design for my DS Lite thankz to Dyna's idea.


Arkayn said...

That's a Sweet Design :P

Reveur said...

Hey arkayn! Haha Took me a couple of minute to realize its you! lol Damn, havent seen your name runnig around for sometime now :/

Arkayn said...

pfff how could you :P