Friday, June 29, 2007

Your 1 Gaming Wish

If there is one wish, one gaming related wish. What would you wish for? Would you wish for PS3? Would you wish for cheaper price? Would you wish for the best game ever to come now?

I have thought about this for quite some time and I found that hmm.. My one gaming wish is that

I Wish there is a very succesful game about me! Thats right, you read me right. A game about me. Where I am the Protagonist, Antagonist, and the minion! Yesh! You will see me and me only! I am going to be the Solid Snake kick ass looking hero out to save the world from zombie while battling hordes of operative from Umbrella corporation intending to stop me ala matrix kung fu style with lots of explosion and gun blazing!

With this game, I will earn fame money and more fame and money! Maybe landing a role or 2 in movies too with Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba. Wohooo

I hereby TAG everyone on my list to tell the world what is your 1 gaming wish. That means

Crystal Impulse (Jason number 1! I know ur dream! Ouendan Mastah!)
Dsync (U still alive ar dude? No see u long long)
Game-Lah! (That means you Zio) (Dyna, you too!)
Host Play (Swatty I know u got dream one!)
Kambing319 (I think urs is a game of sheep? Mbekk... )
Nineoverten (Ini budak.. I dont even wanna go there)
Penman (Huiyo, You ar.. I dont even wanna go there too)
Pinky House (A pink game maybe?)
Endu ( if u so happen to read this that is)
Arkayn (Your blog still there? Meh Ur gaming wish.. King of WoW?)

For the rest of u readers, I TAG YOU ALL!

Do Link back to those that tag you. Happy tagging~!


SWATおかみ said...

Good dream u have ^^

TAG! >:3

tokyo_nights said...

... better do properly r... he has "high expectations" of u

Reveur said...

Yeah! I have HIGH expectation of you