Monday, June 4, 2007

Lookit who I bump into!

A few things are going to happen when you read this, I have already bought one of the mushroom plushies, the mushroom plushie is going to run out of stock at this shop I am about to reveal or I didn't buy it due to numerous reasons.

Anyway, I believe all this Mario mushroom were similar to the one found over at Play-Asia and aptly named as Mario 64 DS Plush Doll: 1Up Mushroom and Mario 64 DS Plush Doll: Power Up Mushroom.

Anyway, the mario mushroom plushie can be found in Sungai Wang. Right around the IT Floor on a shop by the escalator. The address escapes me but I will update this post with the address if I buy it. Or I drop by the area. Whichever comes first :D

That said, for those that want it buy are not in Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia. Prepare to get into some Clicking powah!

New Super Mario Bros. Plush Doll: Super Mushroom
Super Mario Bros. Plush Doll Vol. 2: Super Mushroom (5 Inch)
New Super Mario Bros. DX Plush Doll: Super Mushroom
Super Mario 64 DS Plush Doll: 1Up Mushroom

P/S : Its cheaper buying from the shops too :D


Anner said...

awesome collection, I wish i had them. All I've got it a mario key thing from a hungry jacks kids meal.... can you say lame?

Reveur said...

I wish i have those as collection too :( But sadly those are picture of a shop selling them :(