Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Prologue - The enemy of My Enemy

Quite some time ago, I participated in something called Online Role Playing. It started off as a hobby of reading off what other people's idea and story of what is happening in the World Of Warcraft. Not long after that I was asked to partake in one of the most daring ( so to speak ) endeavor. To start a roleplaying story of Alliance and Horde togethere with the Outland fighting a losing battle against the silithid. There is only one problem to that. At that time, the Silithid and Outland was not even launched yet.

Imagination was our only salvation. Friendship is our only storyline. And the love of WoW is what pushed us on. This story started off heatedly. Some of the writer was VERY good in it. but somehow, the whole thing died off. What you will read in the following next few days is post taken from World of Warcraft roleplaying Forum. All the best goes to them in their fight against the darkness in WoW. May the moon shine upon you.

Now join me as we go through what would have happen in our mind. All the story below are contributed by the writers in WoW Forum. I have taken the liberty to edit certain parts.
All the best goes to them in their fight against the darkness in WoW.

The enemy of the enemy is my enemy


Swords clashed in the dusty wastes of Silithus. Another petty battle of the mortal races. Alliance versus Horde, another pointless battle in an unending war. Another meaningless genocide of Men, Elves(of both kinds), Trolls, Gnomes, Forsaken, Dwarves, and Tauren. Another battle that would have no impact. Simple, meaningless death.

Suddenly, the ground began to tremble. Many believed a quake was upon them, or the end of the world. Some shouted that the Legion had returned to claim their souls, and others fled.

The battle paused for a moment, the warriors swords still entangled, the mages stopping in midspell. Then, a few realized what was truly happening, as they gazed onto the dust cloud on the horizon. They realized that theirs was a world at an end. For on the Horizon, in every direction, was a mass of the insectoid race, the Silithid. They were surrounded.

Some tried to flee, riding out on their mounts. They were all to perish in the countless waves of the Silithid. Mages fled through their portals, selfishly closing them behind them, sealing the other's fate. The diminished host of enemies knew that they were doomed.

They formed into a desperate circle formation to defend themselves, but as they soon became aware, they were outnumbered by odds of more than one hundred to one. Orc stodd beside man, Elf beside Troll as they prepared to die.

Then, on the left flank, a human and an orc raised their swords and charged. The two bitterest of foes charging together into certain death. Their blood feud had evaporated in an instant of instinct. Self preservation was their best interest. The other warriors followed the example of these two. They concentrated their forced on the left flank, and they broke through.

This has been compiled of the survivors of that battle, and a philosophy to save all of our lives. Remember these words that I say to you, The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Fifty Years Later...

The Status of the Tri-Party Alliance

The Continent of Kalimdor has fallen, save for a few strongholds. The world tree Noldrassil, Theramoore Island, and Thunderbluff are the only remaining havens on the Continent. They are constantly under attack.

The Eastern Kingdoms are constantly at war. Lordaeron has fallen, except for the Undercity, which has been connected to Ironforge by a new Tram line, it's only life line. Quel Tha'Las is under a magical barrier, as is Dalaran, but they can only be entered via magical portals, which only a handful of accomplished mages know how to conjure. Ironforge is a safe haven, the home of this new Alliance. Stormwind has been under siege for thirteen years. Illidan has reemerged from Outland to aid us, but our plight is dire. As of yet, the Silithid have not found their way into Outland. We are fighting a losing war.