Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back to back!

No no no, there won’t be a back to back review or back to back whatever. It’s me being back! Hopefully... Anyway I first would have to apologize for the lack of posting from my side (or rather, no posting) but no, no! I have a good reason for that. I didn’t have internet at home and my office internet has been, for the lack of better term. Playing tantrum. Logging on to hotmail requires several tries at least. This of course impacted on my desire to blog.

Anyway, now I have Maxis Wireless Broadband. Interesting little gadget and I will review it in a few days time. I will also be reviewing certain other games. Namely Warrior Orochi by PSP, a childlike giddiness for Macross Ace Frontier an upcoming PSP game and anime, some tarot card power (and lack of understanding), a review of Final Fantasy Tactic, trauma center (if I can get to it) and lastly more thoughts on other random things.

Yeah. I know. I have been busy while not blogging. But you won’t know the extent of it. Anyway, look out for this. I will be back soon enough!

-Because I Can-