Sunday, August 17, 2008

Review: Wall-E

Before going to this show, I have been getting mix reaction from fellow bloggers and friends. Some say the movie sucks because it long, there is no talking and erm, well.. Some other crap. Then I have been told that the movie is boring and stupid. Granted, I took it all in stride and insisted on watching it.

Frankly, the Wall-E is brilliant! The graphic surpasses anything that they have done before, Wall-E is lifelike with all his expression etched for the viewer to see using his eye, his hand movement and his body stance. Granted he speaks no more than 5 words in the whole movie. Wall-E surpasses anything that Pixar has done before. All animation with minimum dialog.

Wall-E tells a story about a robot and his discovery of life and his loneliness working alone. But in the deeper sense, Wall-E tells about the situation on earth if we do not start recycling. Touching on wastage, human laziness and the eventual collapse of the eco system. Wall-E weaves a tale of love, environment hazard and human behavior into a great story.

Be prepared to laugh your heads off and wondering what happens next when you watch Wall-E as it is an experince for your inner child.
-Because I Can-