Monday, September 15, 2008

First 5! Star Wars - The Force Unleashed (PSP)

Star Wars The Force Unleashed for PSP is an interesting game which hurls you straight into action while slowly showing you what you need to do. Provided you can remember the moves that were shown to you while you are slashing away at storm troopers and enemy alike.

The first 5 minute impression of Star Wars to me provide enough headaches. No, its not the gameplay, its the camera. The camera pans around and follows you automatically. The only problem is, its either too fast or its too slow. It takes a while to get used to the camera angel and when you finally did, the game flows in smoothly together.

The amount of customization for Star Wars The Force Unleashed (SWTFU) at first glance is staggering. Starting from the light saber and moving towards the costume which you need to unlock first. Then you have the amount of moves you can make, force choke, aerial shock, choke, sith strike and a lot more. Each moves can be bought, upgraded and then practised on your various enemies.

What about the storyline then? Well, I ahve only pop the first 5 minute hence I don't know how the storyline will fare but at the rate that this game is progressing, this might just prove interesting. What about the graphic? Well, it tries just too hard to look nice. But ignoring that problem of trying to look too good. I would say this is a promising looking game!

To end this article I am going to provide the lord of all cheat code for Star Wars - The Force Unleased (PSP)

Unlock All Costumes - GRANDMOFF

Star Wars - The Force Unleashed can be purchased HERE

-Because I Can-