Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First 5! - Lock's Quest

The first 5 minute impression that I get from Lock's Quest is a game of brain and brawn. This is no game where you are required to have a combination of button pressing attack or a lightning fast reflex. No, this game is a game of strategy, construction and ARPG.

A short tutorial of how you are supposed to build walls and fight are first given, but the games turn interactive and interesting when you are required to create a new turret. The tutorial will allow you to create your first turret and normally at this juncture you will click what you want with the parts you have. But with Lock's Quest, you are supposed to pick the parts that you have and create the turret based on the picture given. Meaning, you actually have to first build the turret before being able to use it. Brilliant!

The fighting is a simple point and stab, your character will auto-attack and you can monitor the situation from a top down slanted view, moving around the map to view other part of the battle. The hero will also have direct contact against the enemy, moving around to attack the oncoming onslaught.


Graphic wise, the pictures are bright and colorful. Something akin to your normal Final Fantasy game but with colour combination closer to Drawn to Life. All in all, an interesting and appealing colour combination.

I would say the First 5! of my impression for this games is solid and makes me feel like diving in for more action with Lock's Quest. Check you this new experience if you are interested.

Lock's Quest can be purchase HERE


-Because I Can-