Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Maxis Wireless Broadband

So I had some slight problem with my Maxis wireless broadband for the past week. and after some "voicing" of concern for Maxis Customer Service which handled it well, they sent a technician over. Lo and behold, it seems that at that point of time, my internet was so good it hit 800++ kbps for upload!

The Technician was shocked and keep repeating that I have good internet lines and all that crap. Not believing my crappy luck, I tried again in 30 minutes before he leaves and got a drop of over 500++ kbps. Hitting only 370++ kbps. The technician was against shocked and had nothing to say. Eventually he promised to forward this "rare" case to his superior and will personally follow up on it.

Interesting technician to say the least. I am looking forward to see how Maxis is going to handle this huge fluctuation of speeds.

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-Because I Can-


Arkayn said...

not to be a bitch but my download is around 7000 kb/s my upload is slow tough around 500 kb/s. Ok ok sorry about that ;P btw got any news from them, i kinda curious about what they told you (since i work for a ISP provider myself)

Alvin said...

my speed for maxis using speedtest is only 0.06mbps for both dl/ul

wonder how u managed such speeds. usng b932 modem power package. wat a power speed, =.=.

Reveur said...

Huh? Funny... Coz the thing is, lately their speed has improved. I can hit over 100kb when downloading from megaupload and rapidshare this few weeks.

Don't tell maxis that but I think they are actually improving or a lot of ppl are fed up with maxis and finally switched to Digi and freed up the much needed lines.