Monday, March 5, 2007

Its Disney! Disney! What can I say?

Meteos is an interesting game. A concept that can't really be appreciated if its launched in any other platform, cos if it does it will be just another puzzle game. For those that are uninformed, Meteos is an action puzzle game derived from the Japanese word "Meteo", borrowed from the english word Meteor.Developed by Q Entertainment and published by Bandai ( as quoted from Wikipedia). The game was first released in on march 2005 and then again on Jun 2005 in US. The way the puzzle work is this, Blocks of Meteos drop from the top of the screen and forms a stack. The player will then be able to move the block up or down via the stylus to form a 3 block horizontal or vertical block of the same block. When this happens, the block will then launch into the sky ala rocket style and take off. But! There is a catch. Each map features different type of block and different gravity. Some gravity is heavier while some are lighter which gives diversity towards the game itself.

Meteos: Disney Magic takes the whole Meteos concept and added a few improvement, sprinkled some magic dust on it and threw in every conceivable character from their large vault of collection. The design might veer towards the side of cutesy but the gameplay is as brutal as the old Meteos, only more interesting. One of the most noticeable changes is that the game is not played via the normal way, its now played ala brain age style. Meaning, the DS is flipped to the side and viewed as if you are reading a book. Cool. But not exactly very nice when you need a good grip while frantically trying to arrange the Meteos block.

The gist of Meteos: Disney Magic is that you are asked to help “reorganize” the Disney storybook vault. If you are a veteran from Meteos, then the gist here is pretty familiar. You will be required to play through different scenario which is in the same form as the previous Meteos. No big difference here. The huge-huge difference is that now you can drag the Meteos piece left and right! This feature itself makes the game a lot more easier then its predecessor, there is also special moves available which is located on the left side of the screen, this meter gradually fills up. When it’s full, you can tap the meter to activate is power such as slow down which slows the descending block, and nitrous boost where the block just fly pass without delay once it comboMeteos: Disney magic is a tone down version of the original Meteos. It’s made to appeal kids, girls, newbies and those that are more attuned to Disney then Meteos. There is no sense of accomplishment much when you finish the game as you will just feel, its Disney. In more ways then one the word Disney itself makes the game more relaxed then ever.


With all the rant and rave, one would expect that this game sucks or you are better off getting the old Meteos. The funny thing is this, Meteos: Disney Magic is an improved version of the old Meteos. All the complaints that were given towards Meteos is no longer there, there is only one little remaining problem. There is still no online support. Bring this baby online and the game is very close to perfect.

Meteos: Disney Magic can be purchased from HERE