Friday, March 9, 2007

Nintendo Super Mario Bros Phone Strap Gashapon

Due to the fact that Jason AKA Zorocaster's persistently introducing me into the world of gashapon ( I still can't pronounce it right ), I have found myself looking at Play-Asia's Gashapon page from time to time and ogling at all the expensive yet cute gashapon. One of them is the Nintendo Super Mario Bros Phone Strap Gashapon.

This baby is nothing special except for the fact that, you can pull out a hidden item from inside the box or tube. A new gimmick, I know but who can resist all this gimmick? I mean! Look at it. The whole thing might not look solid ( Which is one of the reason I didn't get it) but the cuteness and imagine all the fun you can get when you show it off to your pals!

Anyway, for those that want to see this item upclose and personal head on over to your nearest Toys R Us or Gashapon machine, I stumble upon a gashapon machine located outside Toys R Us at One Utama ( For those that are uninformed, this place is located in PJ Malaysia) As you can see from above, I manage to take a snap of the Phone Strap. And the phone strap is actually quite big and look sturdy. Contrary to the picture given from Play-Asia.

If you were to buy the phone strap from Play-Asia, It will cost around RM 7, thats USD 2 for the rest of you none Malaysian and if you were to buy it through the gashapon machine, it will cost you RM8 if I am not mistaken to purchase one. Thats around USD 2 for the rest of you too. For those that like the thrills of not knowing which one you will get next, grab it from your nearest Gashapon machine. For those that prefer to get all 9 without worries, just grab 9 pack of this gashapon at one shot from Play-Asia.

Oh btw, pray tell that I will no longer be tempted to buy this Gashapon, and that means you Zorocaster. Stop tempting me.

P/S: I might get one of this when I next see it at Toys R Us. Damn it!

To get the Nintendo Super Mario Bros Phone Strap Gashapon from Play-Asia. Click HERE


Samus Ng said...

Saw this at 1Utama toys r us, didn't get cos so expensive.

Kee-Yeong said...

Its 1 X Token (as seen in your picture) and one token is RM4. So its not RM8 like you said.