Monday, March 5, 2007

Aww Snap!!

After much consideration,persuasion,boredom and no less amount of bitching from various "friends".I have been erm, persuaded to start a blog to properly store all the crap that I call review at an online location. What best way to do it then keeping it at a blogging spot? I guess I will start my crap off with some old review I had done and work my way there.
Expect lots and lots of rant from me about anything and everything. Be prepared! You have been warned!
Happy reading and er..... Nvm...

Oh btw, I just moved here from
Vox. Decided to make the switch after a day when I found out that there is a huge huge lack of support for certain items. But their design is superb though. Anyway, this is a sign of greater things to come for me and them. Look out for this blog! As I intend to fill it with my thoughts, rants and reviews :D