Monday, March 5, 2007

Lunar Knights Assemble!!!

How cool is it if you were a dark blade wielding with a huge ego, cool pirate eye patch and a shiny jacket going around with an attitude? Then there is this young kid that is a total opposite of the blade wielding attitude filled dark power user. The son of a world savior, down to earth, gun wielding rocket totting kid which thinks that everyone is innocent and want world peace.

Previously known as the Boktai series which uses the sun ( literally ) to play the game, Lunar Knights has decided to cut off all relationship with Boktai and start it over with a clean slate. Lunar Knights is essentially Boktai 4, the first 2 series of Boktai were release in the US and are known as Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand and Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django. Lunar knights is known as Bokura no Taiyou: Django and Sabata. Anyway, enough with the history lesson.

How does lunar Knights look? B-E-A-UTIFUL! Colorfully drawn in anime style, the game pulls you in the moment its turn on with a short anime movie and some cut scenes. Then it throws you uncremenouslyie.. uncremenouily... unceremoniously! Yeah thats it, unceremoniously! The game throws you unceremoniously onto a dungeon and feeds you information bit by bit on how to play the game. Set somewhere in the future where wizardly and technology co-exist. The world is under the ruling of Vampire for a really long time. To make the world more inhabitable for them, the vampires deployed a satellite device known as the paraSOL which blocks out the sunlight, making the world permanently enshrouded in darkness. Human were largely known and regarded as livestock to feed the vampire.Out comes two heroes determined to free the world from the clutches of the vampire. Lucian, blade wielding attitude filled vampire and Aaron, solar gun wielding innocent kid.

The core gaming style of Lunar Knights are dungeon crawler with a bunch of puzzle thrown in and relentless assault of various monster. There is an overworld where you can buy items, upgrade weapon, find information and rest. Saving in game is pretty easy as the game can be saved anywhere anytime, the only thing that is notable is the fact that the save only works after you walk into a new room. If you were to fight halfway in a room, save and proceed to die, the save will start in the room but all items that you gain before you die in the room will not be there. Terrenials, your best companion in game, also your most annoying companion. You can't live without them, yet you can live without them. Confusing ain't it? Terrenials are sort of like the guardian of the world which will help you to regain the world from the clutches of vampires. There are 6 terrenial guardians, each of them represent different element, Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Darkness and Sun. By equipping them, your attack will be imbued with their power. Certain monster are more vulnerable against certain terrenial. Each strike cost energy to be used, run out of energy and you are pretty screwed. This is pretty true for Aaron as every shot from him cost energy. Run out of enery and Aaron is as good as dead. There is also a trance meter that is used to measure the "adrenaline" of Lucian and Aaron. When the trance meter is filled, Lucian and Aaron can merge with their terrenial and proceed to use their special attack. Each terrenial has different kind of special attacks.

The really interesting element in Lunar Knights is in the end of the boss fight. Every time you beat the boss, you will then need to drag their coffin into a really cool flying robot/ship into the space to purify their body. The journey is not easy, and this is where it gets really interesting. The player will be thrown into an action space shooter scenario where they need to drag their ship around the screen via the stylus and shoot down all incoming enemy by pointing the stylus onto the incoming space ship. The action hereafter can get very very exciting as the player needs to guard the ship from being shot while quickly shooting down the incoming ships.

In Lunar Knights there are day and night cycle which is very important in game. As one of the most effective way for Aaron and Lucian to regain their energy is to charge up via the moon or the sun.And it is easier said then done to charge up the energy as most of the time, the character will be indoor. Only occasionally there will be windows for the sun or the moon to shine in and the character can then charge up their energy. Aaron and Lucian also have to level up their weapon by upgrading it via Junk item which can be bought from shops or found from monster drops. Player also have to look out for the right stats for Aaron and Lucian. As every time they level up, they will be given stats to be added.


All in all, Lunar Knights is beautifully crafted with interesting storyline and amazing gameplay. There are a lot of features that are not mentioned here and no amount of words can do justice to it. Get this game if you like hack and slash.

Lunar Knights can be found on Play-Asia through here.