Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wallet Pouch DS Lite

Those that knew me know that I have been searching for a “suitable” and “cool” pouch far and wide. But alas, it seems that all the DS manufacture has a thing against making DS owner looks cool with their DS pouch or anything that remotely has a hint of coolness in it. The only one that I actually feel is remotely cool cost a bomb and not exactly portable friendly. That and the fact that they don’t deliver outside of US. (There is other country besides western country too you know!)

*Look to the side for a look at the really cool pouch I was referring to.*

I have been eyeing this one for sometime and even test it at a shop. But somehow when I try to push my DSL into the pouch at that time, it won’t fit. Maybe it’s the trembling hand, the piercing eye of the shopkeeper or the high price. I gave up buying one then. Lo and behold 1 month down the road, my original pouch started to get on my nerve with its bulkiness and uncoolness. So I set my sight on Play-Asia and found that they threw the wallet pouch into the bargain bin for Lunar festival! The rest is history as most would say. And let the review begins…

The thing about this pouch that I really like compared to the other pouch is the easiness of it all. Opening the pouch is an easy matter of tearing the pouch apart in the middle ( so to speak) and the pouch bear out all the things you have in the pouch to be seen. There is 3 slot located at the bottom for your DS games each slot are designed to store only 1 game but it can fit snugly 2 game in one slot. Then there is a small “hidden” pocket at the back of the pouch where it is designed to put GBA games, although frankly I have no idea why a DS gamer will want to do that when there are so much DS games to be played. Of course, there is also the problem that when a GBA game is actually put into the slot, the bag tends to bulk up and are a lot harder to close. On the side of the DS game slot, there is a very tiny slot fit to put 2 stylus inside. Only 2, no more, but its still a good design as it covers the slot with a cover that sticks to the bag incase the stylus falls out. Cool huh?

Most of the DS pouches are designed to hold only the DSL. Introduce a hard casing into the fray and the pouch will threaten to burst. Same goes for the wallet pouch. But wait! There is a hidden mechanism in this; either that or it’s a lucky defect. The slot to store the DSL will stretch after a while. It doesn’t stretch too much. It stretch just enough for the DSL with a hard casing or in my case a SOFT JACKET ADV. Pulling out and storing the DSL into the pouch is an easy thing. Storing it is just a matter of pushing it gently into the slot and it will fit snugly. Pulling it out is the same matter too. Only you need to pull it much slower as the slot sucks out all the air and stick onto the DS to provide a better protection. The inside of the DSL slot are lined with cotton to smoothen the entry and prevent scratch. There are absolutely nothing that can scratch your DS once its securely inside the DSL slot. They really thought of it eh?

Closing the wallet pouch is an easy matter, both ends of the wallet pouch comes together ala wallet like (hence the name, duh?) and will stick to each other, and just in case the sticking part fails, there are 2 buttons located there. So its an easy matter to button up the casing. Admittedly, the casing is no hard pouch casing nor does it provide decent protection when drop from 2 feet above. As the whole pouch are made out of a material known as Cordura. The material are apparently 10 times more durable then cotton duck, 3 times more durable than standard polyester and 2 times more durable than standard nylon ( no idea what the heck they are but they sounded impressive to me). The thing with the whole get up is this. The wallet pouch is durable. Except heavy tear and wear usage with not even a scratch on it. But do not, I repeat do not expect it to protect your DSL if you drop it from above 2 feet.


The Wallet pouch is a good investment for those that are looking for a funky pouch to protect their DSL. This pouch is a perfect addition to those that only wants something to protect their DSL from wear, tear and scratches. There are adequate slots to fit in all the extra gadget and games required. All in all get this pouch if you are looking for a “cool” pouch.

Wallet pouch is available for purchase in 3 color. The 3 pouch are made in BLUE, WHITE and BLACK. Click each color to view the item.


Samus Ng said...

Yet another great review! Heck it looks so expensive, can never afford....