Sunday, March 25, 2007

DS LITE! Modded??

A lot of brilliant ideas are born from stupid thoughts or copied from every other person they see and then call them as their own. Some went further and grab all the ideas that they see and mix them up to make it their own. I have no idea what to call that. A moment of enlightenment perhaps? No matter! That moment of "brilliance" struck me when I had nothing to do.

Long story short, I saw a post online about how china user modded their DS Lite casing to look cooler and funkier with graffiti arts, I was intrigued and wish to investigate more, but the language barrier was huge and I was stopped short at the forum where they discuss it. Add in the fact that I just sold off my Soft Jacket ADV to my uncle, I am in desperate need of getting a new casing that looks cool on my DS Lite.

Then the moment of brilliance struck and this is the result of it all

Crystal Casing : $35
Printer Ink: $10
Plain Paper: $0.05
Ingenuity: Priceless

Wanna know how to make your own modification? SIMPLE!
Follow the steps below.

First, head over to MADCATZ (props to them for making such a fine fine program or whatever you call it) Download the program listed there, install it
Then, go over to DEVIANTART and find whatever picture you like, save it
Open the chosen picture with the Madcatz program and then align the picture up. First do the Top then the Base.
Print it out, cut it and there you have it. Skin of your own!

Wait.. I am missing something. Oh yeah...
You need to buy a crystal casing and not just any crystal casing. You need to buy a full face crystal casing. None of those china brand please. Recommended casing would be Blackhorn Polycarbonate Case, Madcatz Casing if you are in the states or if you really really can't find a suitable casing, get a crystal casing which is FULL FACE. Meaning it covers the top part of your DS fully. No empty spaces thank you.

Anyway, to continue with the tutorial, once you got the casing put the cut out design into the casing, align it properly and then snap on your DS, no glues or sticker or anything is needed.

There you have it. Your very own modded DS. Sky is the limit for the design. If you find a cool design post it up here and share it with the rest of us. Have fun yah!


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