Friday, May 23, 2008

Review: Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of Crystal Skull

After 19 years since his last adventure in The Last Crusade, Indy is back! Well, his movie is back but his high action, running around, prancing from one level to another and running away from danger is getting less. Admittedly Indy is a lot more older now than then. Heck, he even admitted this fact on the first scene!

But truth to be told, the movie is every bit a good reminisce of why we love Indiana Jones last time and why we still love it now. (Besides the fact that it reminds us that we are old enough to remember the movie) But regretfully, most of Indy's move is a golden age move which no longer appeals much to the modern crowd. His hat, the music, the sound effects and the fighting scene. The joke is sometimes a bit stale but gradually finds its freshness in you.

Under the direction of Steven Spielberg, the movie takes a sharp turn here and there keeping the fighting scene long and fresh, the scenery panning across a continent to another and the scene superb. In the whole outset of the movie, Steven reminded us on why we love Indy in the first place. The wry joke, the metal knuckle fight & the certain scene that makes you cringe away from the scene.

For those that have watched the first 3 movies before, you can see that Spielberg have retained all the same cinematography style from 20 years ago. But within the old style, there is a lot of CGI and new style which blends in seamlessly. Without spoiling the movie at all, I would say that the movie is an uphill and downhill ride of adventure from one continent to another. Swashbuckling across the globe fighting various element of villain and whipping the enemy into order.

Do keep an eye open for some cameo appearance of past artifacts & hints of where Indy has been to and involved in. Figure out the puzzle before him and pride yourself as a stalwart Indy fan. Albeit old.

-Because I Can-