Monday, May 26, 2008

Originarer VS Flash Carter

No,no,no. It's not a new boy band or Nick Carter's long lost brother. Its the long war between the fanatic of original games and the pirateS of gameS (Emphasis on the S). Its a long war that will not be coming to any end anytime soon but the fanatics of original games (FOG) is determined to condemn anyone which they know, remotely hint of or blame everything (regardless of the game not releasing in the states or the world coming to an end) on Pirates of Games (POG).

How much is this true? And how many of their blame is justified? Here are some of the usual blames that I have read

1. The game won’t be released here.

2. The game will not be translated.

3. The game’s sale is low making the next instalment not being able to be released here

4. There is no online server due to pirates!

5. Pirate gamer is making the industry losing money

6. Pirate gamer is corrupting the industry

7. Downloading game is stealing!

Here are some of the usual reasons that I have read from pirates

1. The game is expensive

2. I am using it as demo

3. I was testing the game to see if its viable for me to buy

4. I can’t wait for the game to be shipped here

5. I am too poor to buy the game

6. The game is not justified for the price of (insert number here)

7. I have too many games that I want

Its an age old argument. Chicken and Egg kind of thing and for me, I prefer to stand on the middle. I do not condone piracy nor do I condone you going bankrupt to buy a game. I also do not condone POG to flaunt the whole piracy idea around as if it is their god given rights, nor do I condone the FOG from going fanatic and wielding a machete against any pirate or hint of piracy they stumble, dig up or being confessed upon.

If you have the money, support the industry. Buy the original game. If you do not have the money, wait for the game to go cheaper and buy it. In the meantime, get creative. Being able to buy original game does not give you the rights to KOS anybody that hints of piracy. Its tiring, its stupid and its downright idiotic. Going into a tyrant about piracy just because a slight hint of it gets you off but not the others.

Pirates? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Fine, you can pirate anything you want. Its your right. In fact, no one can control you. But think of it this way. What if your proposal, or your hard earned 100% mark in exam is being stolen and lauded in front of a meeting or assembly by others that has stolen your work? Obviously enough you are going to get angry. Think of those FOG, think of those developer the next time you want to show off your piracy.

-Because I Can-


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