Thursday, May 22, 2008

Peanuts Lite Slipon Socks Pouch Picture & Review

Over a week or 2 ago I highlighted this cute Peanuts Lite Slipon Socks Pouch which I recommended for those that love snoopy. Well, I received my sock yesterday and frankly, I am disappointed.

The pouch is not elastic. Its made out of some crappy cloth which stays in shape. Thats ok with me but the problem arises when I try to slot in my DS. The pouch won't fit! The mouth of the pouch requires 3 minutes of coaxing and gentle pushing at the right position to get the DS in. Once its in, you will see that the pouch does only one thing. Cover your DS. Nothing else. No protection. No nothing.

Now, you figure you might want to put on a hard cover or something to give it shock protection. Right? WRONG! Like I said, the pouch won't fit anything else except for the DS. So don't bother. This Pouch is a novelty product. You buy it for the design. And that's it. I would recommend against buying this if you are looking for protection for your NDS.

If you still want to purchase this pouch. Go to HERE for more purchase information on ALL 4 DESIGN.
My package!
Front design
Back design
Won't fit with a hardcover
Tight fit
-Because I Can-