Saturday, May 10, 2008

Charge Stand DS Lite

Hori got this really cool DS charger on sale now, conventionally the Charge Stand are normally designed with the DS standing on the charger. But this one changes the conventional idea by slanting the charger. Pretty cool design but I wonder how easy would it be to plug in your NDS for charging.

Currently available in two colour, to country launch date and get this, two price.

US White Charge Stand : Launch on Jun 2008 at the price of US$ 14.99
Japan White/Black Charge Stand: Launch on May 2008 at the price of US$ 16.90

So if you want your charger early and are willing to fork out more money, make your order now!

Click HERE for more purchase information

-Because I Can-


Pure Raver said...

Uu, tat charger looks sweet.

Reveur said...

indeed it does, you might want to wait for the US version though. Its 3 usd cheaper. If u dont mind the price though, go for the japan one.

Pure Raver said...

I'm more concerned on the power voltage. Scared if the plug might not support our Malaysian socket. But still, there are travel adapters. :P

Reveur said...

Oooh good point but I dont think that would be a problem. You will be using your power adapter to connect to this stand charger. So that would translate to using your own charger still. Only you get a stand.

I think?

( am I making sense here? )