Saturday, April 21, 2007

Confession of a WoW Addict

For those that have no idea what is World Of Warcraft. I have a sentence for you. Where have you been for the past 3 years!? WoW is only one of the most phenomenal game to ever grace the internet. And if you say WoW sucks, I say you haven't actually play the game or you got camped when you are lvl 10. Cry more kthxbai

Anyway, I have been an advent fan of WoW since beta but stopped playing lately due to the fact that the game sucks up my social,casual and working time. Thats right, I plan my life around WoW and not the other way around. Its amazing how they did not put the label "Hazardous Material, User will get addicted and need constant dosage of it"

Heck, even after i stopped 3 months before BC, thats Burning Crusade for you none geeks, the only thing we constantly talk about when ex-wow player meet are about WoW. We grief about how owerpowerful Warlock is ( I am a mage ), how we got ganged all the time. We reminisce about it. and we constantly tie ourself to our bed to prevent ourself from relogging into WoW
(i haven't uninstalled WoW from my PC although I have quit WoW for more then 5 months.

This is made a lot more harder with this 4 new figurine that my so called "fren" keep sending me the link to look at. The figurine consist of

Blood Elf Rogue
Undead Warlock
Orc Shaman
Dwarf Warrior

Thank god there is no gnome mage there. If there is, I will break down and head back to my small corner and receive my calling as a WoW addict.

It ain't easy to kick the habit off. I am still struggling. May Elune shine upon me.