Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gyakuten Saiban 4, Phoenix Wright 4

It took a bit of doing but, Here I am, Back in one piece. Work and life has been hectic for the past 2 weeks. I Found two new job and had to decide which line of company I want to join. The decision making process was not pleasant, Anyway Gyakuten Saiban 4 or better known as Phoenix Wright 4 is out in the market now.

There is a limited edition of the item available HERE. Apparently the box features item such as

  • Gyakuten Saiban 4
  • Gyakuten Saiban 4 Headsphone
  • Gyakuten Saiban Encyclopedia
  • Gyakuten Saiban Animation DVD
  • Gyakuten Saiban 4 Box

Pretty cool set of item, whats even cooler is this. For fear that the Limited Edition Item will be sold out too fast with insufficent stock to back it up, Play-Asia has decided to not to open the pre-order. They will open the order when the item arrives and sell it straight. Talk about good sales...

So head on over to HERE if you want to grab a set. Be warned though, you need to keep an eye out for it when it opens for sale.