Monday, September 24, 2007

New Games to look out for

I was checking my calender and realize that there are quite a few games that will be making their debut or have already made their debut this few days. They varies from puzzle game, to shooting game to games that are just plain interesting.

One of the games that I am looking forward to but will not have the chance to sample at all would be Halo 3. What with finishing the fight and all that craziness, I will be avoiding all major gaming website and also few selected major game store, then I will go home and hide in a dark corner until all this passes.

In the mean time,There are quite a lot of Halo 3 Goodies coming out together with the Halo 3 launching.

Click HERE for all the Halo 3 Goodieness and also HERE for exclusive HALO 3 Limited Edition.

Just so that I don't get excessive screaming from Zorocaster for Plagarism, there are also a few games that I would like to highlight here which I am looking forward to play. Some I have played too and would like to introduce it to you guyz.

They are as followed

My Sims DS - Already played it. The graphic is nice the gameplay is slightly a bit animal crossing like but hey, its SIMS!

Prims: Light The Way - A very interesting puzzle game which requires player to bounce light against mirror, through color block and also through prism block. Very addictive. I played it and it got a Snapped Approved seal on it.

Sonic Rush Adventure - A good attempt to include RPG into the game. All the good Sonic Rush element is retained in the game, while more goodies are added into it. Minigames such as sailing, gem collecting, path finding through sea and shooting enemy via screen tapping are but some of the gem in game. A must for all sonic fans. Another Snapped Snapped Approved for this!

The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - How can I forget about Zelda! I mean, there are only 7 more days before the launch of the game! I know some of you already pre-ordered it. Me, I will wait for some poor soul to sell of his copy in a month time.

Digimon World: Dawn & Dusk - I have played this, I have heard from others and we all came to a consensus, the game are worth it. what with two different storyline working hand in hand with monster that are more refined and interesting, this game is good. Get it if you are a digimon fan!