Sunday, September 23, 2007

Review: Pocket Book DS Lite

Well then, about time I reviewed the Pocket Book DS Lite (orange). No? I received the Pocket Book back in September 18, 2007 and promised to review it. Well, 2 weeks down the road and I finally got my ass down in front of my laptop to review it. Anyway, enough chit chat and on with the main course

The Pocket book is a very nice looking pouch, its half leather and half jean cloth. both are stiff and hard to the touch but the inside are leather wrapped and nice to the feel. The pocket book gives a feel that you are holding a small diary that people used to use before the appearance of PDA or Cell phone :P. Granted, this makes it that when you are playing your NDSL with the pocket book while taking the tram will make you look scholarly and high class. ( we all wanna pretend for the chick across from us don't we?

The inside of the pocket book though is a bit disheartening for black or dark blue NDSL user. As you can see from the picture, the pocket book stick onto the bottom of your NDSL. This leaves the flap hanging then your NDSL is open with no protection or wrapping on the top of your NDSL, and as all Black or Blue NDSL user knows, this will leave your NDSL prone to finger print and what not.

The strap that binds the pocket book is also feels a bit hard. ( if you know what I mean) The button on the strap, straps and lock the pocket book tight. But they added this other feature where you can pull out the strap or keep it back in to make the NDSL being bound tight or less tight. I have no idea why they do that now but I hope I will find out the reason in the future.

As mentioned earlier, the bottom of the pocket book is adorned with two very small looking cello tape thingy to allow the pocket book to stick onto the NDSL. I have been told that the tape is strong and are made of very good quality. Interesting but I still don't like it.


All in all, the pocket book ds lite is a very stylish casing for your NDSL. If you are using any NDSL but blue and black then this is a very good protection/fashion accessories . But if you are using black and blue and know the hardship of wiping clean your bodily cell or dust from your NDSL, you might want to think twice about purchasing this. What about protection you say? Well, this is a leather cover. not a pouch. The protection on the side are minimum. But who needs protection when you can look cool!

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