Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Gaming on the Slide and Sega on the Roll

If you would allow me to let my pun slide ( yet again ) I would like to highlight the price drop for a week on Play-Asia for the Slide Adventure: Mag Kid game which is currently on sale for a mere US 29.90 ( RM 102 ). Considering that this game comes with a slot two accessories, at US 29.90, Slide Adventure: Mag Kid is a pretty good deal. Although the slot two accessories only allow player to play the game on hard and smooth surface kind of make the game redundant its still a novelty to purchase at US 29.90.

More purchase information for Slide Adventure: Mag Kid can be found HERE

I also found this during my ritual Play-Asia browsing earlier. Sega History Collection Gashapon which ran out of stock in 2004 is currently back in stock. Do not ask me where they find it, but the matter remains that they have it on sale now. Retailing at the slight price of US 3.90 ( RM 13.81 ) the Sega History Collection Gashapon is a pretty good collection for those golden oldies time when Sega dominate the world and was not reduced to a mere one roomed company.

More purchase information can be found HERE