Friday, September 28, 2007

Bag of Elegance, Louis Vutton for NDSL

With that kind of name, you know that things can either go horribly wrong or extremely good. Bag of Elegance, I mean, come on. Elegance? Why not Pouch of the king! Pouch of elegant. And a gold stylus! When does gold become elegance? Last time I remember, Gold means bling bling! Bling bling is not elegance!

Regardless, They, Pebble Entertainment did manage to get some of their design rights out of over seven design. I have never heard of Pebble Entertainment so I will assume that they are new comers to this scene. One of the few designs I like from them from their "Bag of Elegance" is the Fox version of Bag of Elegance. The design reminds me of LV design. No not Level Design you dorks, Louis Vutton! ( Did i spell that right? )

Fox's Bag of Elegance

and also the Graphite version of Bag of Elegance

They also included a Gold Stylus with all Elegance bag bought. Check out the BLING BLING!

More purchase information can be found HERE