Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Review: Prince of Persia PC Port

Many moons and many suns has pass since I wrote anything on Awwsnapped and I have a perfectly good reason for that. The L word (pun intended). I got lazy. It's not that there is no new game, or no new toys or no new well... anything. It's just that I got lazy but I am here today to change that and I will start off today with this brilliant brilliant looking piece of work. 

Game play
Prince of Persia. Out a week or so ago, the Prince of Persia series is rebooted in this new series and the new 'Prince' looks very good. Notorious for their steep learning curve and level, a lot of casual gamer were turned off from the Persia series for the hard to execute perfectly-timed-acrobatic-wall-jumping-hanging-from-the-cliff- leaping-from-one-wall-to-the-other gaming mechanism. I was one of them. This all though were naught in the new Persia series. Yes, there is still the jumping here and there, leaping from one wall to the other thingy machingy but instead of the game over screen you constantly get for the first 1 hour of gaming while you learn the curve, you get a beautiful magician lady in distress which will help you whenever you fall off the cliff or failed to time your move correctly. No more game over screen. Hardcore Persia gamer would complain that this tone down the hardness level quite a lot but it is also a refreshing change for the casual gamer which allows us to join the series.

Prince of Persia is best played using a game pad. If you do not have a decent game pad for your pc. Invest in one. I would recommend the XBOX game pad as most game that were ported to PC comes from the XBOX series and they already have an integrated setting for the controller.


Each moves and attacks are perfectly and flawlessly executed with a flourish of movement making you want to execute it again and again just to see the move. Graphically enchanting, the game also took a leaf out of Okami game. One of the trademark of Okami game is the slowly expanding of flower with flourish and grace as Amaterasu restore nature. In Persia, the graphic is slightly the same albeit rendered in less flourish. This does not make it look less astonishing, but in varying degree it does give a refreshing look to the same level as your go through it again.

Music,Sound & Voice over

All the conversations in Prince of Persia has voice over, instead of the cheesy stuff that you MIGHT expect, the voice over fits perfectly well with the character. and the dialog is funny enough that you would just like to hear them talk. The music is relaxing and nicely composed but more often than not, some parts of the level are ran through with no accompanying music.


What makes this game lovable is not the revolutionary graphic, the superb game play or the beautifully compose music. It's the character. My understanding of the 'Prince' from the last series were always of an uptight Prince which is out to save the world or his kingdom or his loved one. the NEW prince though is a likable "Entrepreneur" which finds opportunity everywhere. Namely, robbing graves. Yeap, no longer a prince of one kingdom or another (as far as I know) he is a grave robber. A very charming, cheeky and mischievous grave robber which thought that he can easily save the secondary character Erika and score a point but instead ended up getting chased by monster, jumping from one cliff to another and losing Farah. His donkey laden with gold coins. 
The game is a solid restart and brings a much needed refreshing breath to the series. The graphic is nothing ground breadking yet it looks breathtaking enough for you to stop and stare at times. The characters are lovable and provided a curious glimspe of their former life, their attitude and the ocassional banter between characters are superb addition. All in all, Prince of Persia captured my heart.
-Because I Can-