Thursday, December 18, 2008

Books: World of Warcraft - Night of the Dragon

 I got to admit, I have been waiting for this book for a really long time since I heard that there will be a new WoW book, I even had my local bookstore keep me on alert as to when the book is published. On the first day that the book was out, I already have it in my cradle and freshly wrapped in adoring love and plastic. Expecting quite a whirlwind of story and amazing turns of event I eagerly turned the page and found myself.... slightly disappointed....

The book start off with the usual vague description of the villain and such which then slowly moves the story along but then the sense of excitement is not there. I do not get the tingling sensation from the story such as that I got from The War of The Ancients trilogy and then in the middle of the book, they started recapping on the The Sunwell Trilogy another finished manga trilogy. This might be an added bonus for those that follow the manga but it is a dread for those that do not and the recap does not do well enough that you would like t oactually read the manga, this is because the whole series are summarized in the book! What gives?!

Going further into the storyline will just give the plot away so I will refrain on that. What I would say though is that, if you follow the WoW series, you might be inclined to get this book but if you are looking for something to start you off on the WoW series, give this a miss and go get the War of The Ancients trilogy. Those are a lot more better than this one.

-Because I Can-