Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chirstmas in Singapore 2008

I always had this dream of spending a few days in Singapore during Christmas. I had always thought that Singapore will have a FANTASTIC and ROMANTIC christmas and that I would be able to take lots of nice pictures there. Boy, was I wrong...

The decoration in Orchard road was sub par, there was not much of a christmas feeling all around. I mean, the place is crowded and all that, but the spirit is just not there! This year the went for a SWEET christmas theme, this was portrayed by banding the lamp post with a red and white strip, effectively changing it to Candy Cane (sub par) a few candy themed christmas tree ( which looks more like a hill of rubbish) christmas house (which looks as if its out in the sun for a little too long) christmas elves/decorations (which has scratches and spots on it)

Seriously? I know the economy is bad, but my god... that doesn't mean things have to be THAT bad! The only saviour of my whole trip came in the form of free ride on the singapore Light Up Tour which is FREE for tourist! All you need to do is go to the Singapore Visitor Center and ask about it. The tour starts at 8 everynight and ends at 10. It takes you around orchard road for an open roof top view from the double-decker bus!

There is also quite a number of street performance on Orchard road, but the thing is this.... those performance are normally around on weekends. The only difference is that it's christmas theme for this one!

I took quite a few picture and will post them up as soon as i get home. For now though, if you are going to Singapore for christmas, you are better off visiting KL.

-Because I Can-