Saturday, December 20, 2008

To buy or not to buy: PlayGear Pocket Slim

 I am in a dilemma, should I or should I not get the PlayGear Pocket Slim? Interesting enough, there have been quite some mixed reaction/review online on the PlayGear Pocket Slim (PGPS) predecessor, the PlayGear Pocket (PGP).  Some of the stuff I found out online were that, the PGP is heavy and add unnessary weight upon the PSP but this SHOULD not be the case with the PGPS as the slim PSP has their weight already cut down.

Then there is the other problem of does it look good? I know that anyone can customize the PGPS by taking off the rubber and putting in some printout but does the weight outweight the custombility? Then there is one other varying problem. Varying because it does not affect me.(I think?) There is no accessibility for the UMD slot!

Tsk.... I hate this kind of choices. What do you guys think?

Here are some of the features featured on Play-Asia:

  • Virtually indestructible polycarbonate armor shell protects your device.
  • Easy access to shoulder controls means your PSP™ Slim & Lite is playable even while inside the case.
  • Headphone port means you can plug into some tunes, then stow them in your backpack.
  • 270-degree adjustable lid can be used as a sunshield for gaming or a stand for watching movies.
  • Secure snap closure means your investment stays put.
 If you are interested to buy this and then inform me, you can do that over HERE

-Because I Can-