Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Play-Asia Bad Customer Service

So I placed an order over a week or so ago on Play-Asia for a One-Piece Flash Keychain, a very nice piece of addition to my collections of assorted toys and what not. Mind you, the One-Piece Flash Keychain is anything BUT cheap, I also bought a PSP USB cable. Anyway, I received the package last weekend and the package was opened to reveal... only one item, Yeap. Its NOT the Keychain. So I mailed Play-Asia enquiring about my purchase and this is what they replied:

Dear (removed),

Thank you for contacting

I am very sorry about this it must have been forgotten to be included in
the parcel accidently. Please accept our apology as we were really busy
around this busy X'mas time so it might have been missed out by mistake.

As the key chain is out of stock now would you like us to refund it as
store credit for you?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,


What the hell? FORGOTTEN?MISSED OUT BY MISTAKE? I was pissed and I got to admit, I was not gentle when I replied them:
 Out of stock? I am disappointed. I ordered the keychain on the day it was
launched at Play-Asia and I was looking forward to receving it. And now
you are telling me that the item was accidently 'forgotten' to put in?
I understand that considering now is the busy session due to christmas but I
still feel that this mistake is unwaranted.

And the fellow cooly replied me this:

Thank you for contacting

We are very sorry for the mistake. However, the keychain is no longer
available from our supplier, we cannot get any extra stock for you. Would
you like to refund the product price in form of our store credit?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

The person in charged ask me Would I like to refund the product price in form of our store credit after telling me that the keychain is no longer available. Making it sound as if I have another choice! What the hell! I fired off another reply:

Would I like to refund the product price in form of your store credit?

Are you saying I have another choice?
This is the part where Play-Asia become rude. Personally I felt it is rude, don't know bout you guys

Thank you for contacting

We have sent you a store credit of $6.49 for the missed order.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
What the... This is the second time that I encountered a problem with my product purchased, the first problem was resolved with much help from them but as for this encounter, it leaves a really bad taste on my tongue. Have you guys ever encounter something like this?

-Because I Can-



Techni said...

Sorry but he wasn't rude at all. He did the only thing he could do. Mistakes happen and he tried to compensate you for it. There was nothing else he could have done. Face it, Play-Asia does get busy, and they are not perfect. But he treated you politely and respectfully.

Reveur said...

I agree with the fact that they are busy and what not and i concede with the point that they are at times busy or not perfect.

But treating me politely and respectfully? I don't think so. His last message dismissed me in an unapologetic tone.

Don said...

Wow, that is disappointing. Store credit, and only for the amount that you paid? If it's store credit, they should make it more, because how are they out anything? They messed up and still get your $$$ regardless.

There should be some incentive for them not to screw up again.

cloudhoppy said...

I recently purchased Rainbow Six for the Xbox360 and was sent a resealed used copy of the game. The disc was scratched and looked old. PA offered to sned e a replacement which was also a used copy. I ws then asked to return both for a refund + shipping costs that I incurred but weeks have gone buy and all I hear is excuses about them testing the discs.

It is beginning to look like they have started ripping off their local HK customers of late due to a bad economy. Buyer Beware.

Reveur said...

Huh, resealed used copy of the game... wth... And they are testing the game how? Why do they need to test the game?

All they need to do is reach into their warehouse and grab a new SEALED copy.

How hard can that be?

I haven't purchased anything from PA for sometime so I am not to judge, but have other people encounter similar problem?

Karlo said...

I orderd UC 0081 Senki from them and shortly afterword i checked it its details and found that the game was placed on backorder. And when i went to cancel the order i found that i could not. A very bad business practice that has made me decide to never order from them again.
Great going play asia you just lost a new costomer on his first purchase.
P.S. Does anyone know if is reliable, i dont want to deal with this agin.