Thursday, December 18, 2008

Books: Dragonlance - Ogre Titans: The Fire Rose

I have only gone through this one halfway but I got to admit, The Fire Rose is a better read than WoW: Night of the Dragon. A continuation of the Ogre Titans series, The Fire Rose pick up after Golgren, the NEW Grand Khan of the Ogre as he struggle to keep his kingdom intact while under attack from various faction and betrayal from within. Get the Ogre Titans series if you haven't as the story promises to change what it means to be in the world of Dragonlance.

This is the synopsis from the book:

A hidden artifact waits to be found--and used...

The half-breed ogre, Golgren, at last Grand Khan of all his people, faces unpleasant threats. Tthe Knights of Neraka encroach on one border and the minotaur empire crosses another, while the rise of a new and unlikely rival among his own kind augurs the death stroke to all his ambitions...perhaps his very life. Now Golgren must abandon everything to embark on a quest he can trust to no other. The Fire Rose is a mysterious artifact that could prove the salvation - or destruction - of his growing empire. Safrag, the new master of the Ogre Titans, is just as eager to claim the precious artifact and promote his own might.

-Because I Can-