Tuesday, December 23, 2008

DS Fan Translation: Ragnarok Online

What do you do if there is a game that you really really want to play yet you have no idea what the heck they are going on about in the game? Some case in point would be the new Ragnarok Online DS (which I have a bone to pick in the naming of the game but that is for another post) 

What do you do then? Do you go online and look for the gamefaq translation (which takes the fun out of the game, literally) Do you go buy the guide book (which is non-existence)? Or if you are those studious type, you might grab a dictionary and proceed to check the words against the dictionary one by one (Which is either very stupid or very smart) or you can go online and hope/pray/beg well, maybe not beg for a fan translation of the game.

Anyway, I did a bit of a search online for the said game and see if there are any crazed fan boy that will do the translation and after a bit of tree shaking, digging and shifting through lots of post, I came upon this site yet again
GBATEMP, a site that covers anything and everything that even remotely spells Nintendo.

And one particular thread caught my tired eyes. RAGNAROK ONLINE DS TRANSLATION. Yes! The translation there is ongoing and they barely have the patch running but the point of the matter is this. ITS THERE! Keep an eye out on the thread if you want a translation but PLEASE! PLEASE! Do not ask anything stupid there as everything you need to know is already there. Just read.

-Because I Can-



Carlson said...

Thanks! I was looking for a Ragnarok Online Translation link also and you found one for me!