Sunday, December 21, 2008

Play Gear Pocket Slim Skin: Okami

So I was doing a bit of research here and there yesterday in regard about the PGP Slim and I stumbled upon the US playstation site with a thread just for The Logitech PGP skinning. Read the 1.4k over pages (well not all of it) and found quite a few people asking others to do PGP skin for them.

Then I noticed a gem out of the many stones. EJ_Ink, one of the forumer there posted a guide on how to make your very own PGP skin. You can find the link HERE. I followed his instruction and manage to churn out a few Okami like skin. Added a bit of Soul Eater into it and the last one resulted on one of my own personalized PGP skin.

I only have one problem, when printed out. The size is a lot more bigger than my PSP. I need to find the correct size/printing ways...


-Because I Can-