Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas in Singapore 2008 - Pictures

As promised, this are some of the pictures I took in Singapore on Orchard road. We were lucky that night as we reach there not knowing that there are going to be road parade, free open top bus ride and free popcorn & candy! Still, I am still quite disappointed with their deco for this year... Its.. Subpar? Sub-Standard?

Singapore Visitors Centre
(The place to get FREE open top bus ride!)

Parade Car on Orchard Road
(All the models on the car has seen too many summers [OLD])
Christmas Tree on Orchard Road
(Looks more like a lot of rubbish dumped together)
Christmas Tree
(This one is a lot prettier)

Orchard Road
(Chinese Proverb: Mountain people, mountain sea)

Orchard Road Arch
(Looks nice from far but not THAT nice when you are near)

Decorations on Orchard Road

Yeap, same decoration
(Seriously, It looks...)

-Because I Can-


Teiks~庸民的天空 said...

Brother Canon ....OPP....not so worst i think,but why the pic u took is like rush and shake?some more is the focus all out! Walao!don't like that....i like my canon ..but u make me lost confident now i need NIKON......

one more.."People Mountain , People Sea" U forward liao! -.-"

Reveur said...

Coz i took the picture from the bus. No idea how to set the camera. Canon is OK lah. but Nikon is BETTER!