Friday, December 26, 2008

Review: Elebits - The Adventures of Kai and Zero (DS)

Think Pokemon! 493 Pocket Monster to be caught at last count, utterly cute monster that just screams to be hugged and evolution chart that will boggle your mind. Well.. Not really...
May the adventure BEGIN!

Elebits first appeared in 2006 at Wii console as a search and capture game where gamer uses the Wii Remote to move objects around to look for the Elebits. Fast forward to 2008, we have Elebits 2; continuing the adventure of Kai and Zero from last season. The gameplay is utterly simple to follow. Go in, capture the elebits, shake the tree/stone, capture more elebits, beat the boss, walk around, talk to everyone else, find more elebits.

You can run! But you can't hide!

The learning curve is soooooo easy. But the puzzle is a bit out of grasp for me. This might be an individual case but I have been having trouble solving the puzzle. Case in point, I was stuck in front of a barrier for more than 2 hours, trying various elebits power to open the barrier when I finally gave up and ask online forums for help, then I found out I am supposed to get in from another map.... What The....

Gotta Catch Em All!

Now I found myself stuck in the same world but different map. The solution is ridiculously easy but I know for a fact that it will still eludes me in the end. Which begs the question, is the game easy or am I just plain old st.... (lets leave it at that)

I choose you!
(p/s: I am using too much Pokemon quotes...)
Irregardless, I am in love with this game. Elebits DS is a well designed game with great soundtrack, good graphic, easy learning curve but heck of a headache inducing puzzle (for me). It's no pokemon game as you don't go around capturing pokemon or having a fight in the middle of bushes. This is a game of exploration, puzzle, elebits capture and just plain ole enjoying the music and scenery. I am really looking forward for the english version of this game which was SUPPOSED to be out in Jannuary 6th 2009. Last I heard, it has been postponed.

I prefer the Japan Cover for Elebits, they are a lot more cuter than the US version....
Check it out!

If you are interested in purchasing this game, head over to HERE and make your pre-order now.

-Because I Can-



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Cool review dude. Got my copy today. I expect no less than 8 hours of "me" time.