Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shooting Game Historica 2 SP

This week I got myself lots and lots of cool stuff and this is one of the cooler one. A classic fighting plane trading figure. There are at least 6 different type of plane to get from and I ordered 2. Hoping to snag a different one but, as luck has it. I got both the same one. Regardless, this thing has now garnered itself a seat on top of my monitor. And my good, this is the coolest looking plane figure I have right now.

The details are magnificent, the only grip I have for this is that, the figure does not come with an instruction manual. You might say that this is nothing. Its easily assembled, just a bit of parts here and there but boy, would you be WRONG!

This is the sight that first greeted me when I took out the trading figure.

Boy, was I stumped. It took me 10 minutes of trial and error and some squinting at the box it came in to get the parts right. Then the stand itself is another headache. After a while of flipping the stand upside down, I manage to assemble a semblance of fighting plane. Anyway, more close up shots of the trading figure can be found below. Check it out!

If you are interested to purchase one of this. Look for them HERE

-Because I Can-