Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Monster Hunter X Touma Hunter Airou

Ah, one of my finer purchase from Play-Asia. An evil grinning version of Monster Hunter Kitty. and as you can see, the d etails, the colouring and the design of this kitty is just so good. Even the weight itself is quite heavy. And this is only ONE kitty trading figure. There are actually 8 type of design available and the one design that I wanted is the fighting version.

BUT as you can see, I got one of the cook version in different cooking uniform. Ah well. Assembly of this trading figure is surprisingly easy as you can see from this picture
Just put on the clothes, assemble the hand and then pop the kitty head on top with his hat. There is only one minor boo boo. See that orange rubber band looking thingy on the bottom left? I have no idea what it does. The picture did not show anything that has orange looking and the part doesn't fit anywhere else.

Any ideas?

Here are some of the pix I took. If you are interested to get one of this you can order them HERE

-Because I Can-