Thursday, October 30, 2008

First 5! Bleach: Soul Carnival

I have never had so much fun since I discovered Nintendo DS and playing all the games that has escaped me since I started working 3 years ago. Today. Today I relish back all the fun that I first had. The thrill of playing a simple hack and slash game.

Bleach: Soul Carnival is your standard platform hack and slash. Normally, any game that started off from anime/manga first then to game will only bank on their character and the availability of the easiest console it can get into. Making most if not all those game. Medicore.

With Soul Carnival though, its a totally different ball game. The game is rendered on 2D with a side scrolling action. The actions are fast paced, intense and superbly beautiful but what endears the game to me is the character. In Super Deformed body. Cute and deadly, all the characters wreak carnage across the screen with an efficency that shocks you. The game gives you a few spaces to breath in between when you started off, for the sake of newbies, but mocing slightly deeper into the game, the enemy you face will start to become a challenge. Providing an immense sense of satisfaction for newbie and hardcore player alike

There are a number of character that can be unlocked for play, unlocked character will also provide support with the use of easy to remember combo command. Considering that the game is in japanese, there might be some difficulty for most gamer to get into. but do not let that turn you off as what you essentially need to know is explained in the tutorial which has graphical instruction. Couple that with your own iniative on understanding what the game tries to stay. You will still have one hell of a time playing the game.

I would say this is a really MUST GET and IMPORT FRIENDLY game. I for one is having one ball of a time with this game.

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-Because I Can-