Saturday, October 18, 2008

Review: Macross Ace Frontier

With the end of Macross Frontier a month or so ago, there was a sudden lull in my life. A lack of excitement as the fight between Vajra & Humanity ended. The knowledge that, there won't be anymore wonderful song coming in the next week. My life took a turn for the worse. Well, not really but all those thing that I just said make a really cool starting line.

Anyway, as you guys know. Macross Ace Frontier. Thats why you are here. Right? Well lets get a few facts out of the way first.

Is the game coming to US? NOPE! There is some licensing issue or something. I am not clear on this but the chances of this game coming to US is close to nil. Nada. Zip. So start importing if you want this game Is this game playable if I don't understand Japanese? YEAP! The missions are simple. Just go in. Kill everything that you can target and you are good to go.

Is this game WORTH it?
HELL YEAH! Read on to know why!

Is there anyone doing a PATCH/TRANSLATION for this game?
NOPE, not to my knowledge anyway. Granted, there are some translation on I even got a list of the translation! Somewhere.....

Now. On with the review! Macross Ace Frontier combines the 4 title in Macross series. Macross, Macross Plus, Macross 7 and finally Macross Frontier. You can play the 4 series in any order you like. Finish the 3rd one before playing the first, and vice versa. Each type of major characters and Valkyries is playable. But you start off with your own character, partner & operator.

Whatever mission you do, they wil be there to support you. The controls for the game are easy. Shoot, lock on, block, avoid, boost, missile, melee and the more difficult one. Specials. Specials require different type of button combination. The problem is not in the button. The problem is, in knowing which one you are unleashing. I have limited knowledge on this so I won't dwell on it.

Graphic wise, this game is superb. The background is beautifully rendered, the Valkyries are superbly animated, even the transformation is breathtaking. The fights between you and the enemy are fast and furious and will easily kill you off if you are not familiar of what you are doing. Even the wrong weapon will get you killed sometimes.

But there are a few problems here and there. The Glitch, oh yes. The much feared glitch. When you are locked onto a target, the view cam follows the target on the far end. so if he takes a 360 degree swirl around you, the camera will be swirling around too. Very irritating. Then there is the wall. When you are in a cluttered environment or there is a huge ship/building in front of you. You will be stuck there and moving very slowly but you won't know what hit you as the view cam will glitch into the building. A big no no for this fast paced game

I also had the privilege to try some wifi action and its quite disappointing. The lagging is noticeable, granted all the shooting and flying action is fun but the lagging is not. There are 2 modes in wifi that I know about. VS between 4 player and VS PC. The VS between 4 player is a deathmatch but the VS PC though I think its a mission based game? I did not manage to try that part of the game though.

Anyway, all in all. this game is a superb game if you are a fan of Macross, simulation game or mech game. Not a game for those which can't follow fast paced action.

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-Because I Can-