Friday, August 17, 2007

Pocket Book DS Lite? Or Stationary Style DS Lite

My love for books are unequaled, well.. Not really but it reaches a limit that is scary as I do my best to get all the books that I love. What with the recent surge of Harry Potter and the drought that follows, the latest book that will appear is in September is Diablo The Sin War 3: The Veiled Prophet. I am looking for its launch on the 25th of september. :D

Anyway, back to the DS Lite, I have been lugging around the Wallet Pouch for DS Lite (which was reviewed HERE ) which, as nice as it would be its getting a bit out of hand with its weight and size. I'm now looking for something that fits snugly with my NDSL and 2 stylus with 1 or two slot for games. No other accessories slot or anything for the matter. Only NDSL. Well as a habitual animal that I am, I prowled around Play-Asia and found two choices for my NDSL.

Pocket Book DS Lite


Stationary Style Set DS Lite

Both fits the NDSL snugly but I am slightly a bit partial towards Stationary style set due to the fact that there is no need to stick anything onto my NDSL. the Pocket Book DS Lite requires user to stick the skin of the cover onto your NDSL! I am not kneen on doing that. Although it is quite tempting at times due to the fact that the aptly named Pocket Book DS Lite really transforms the NDSL into a book like book! ( wtf )

As for the Stationary style Set, I like it coz it provides full cover for the NDSL and it allows user to fit a few more items into the small pouch! Meh! The choices!!

Did I also mention the variable choices that comes with it? The Stationary Style Set comes with a screen cleaner and a pencil look alike stylus, while the Pocket Book DS Lite comes in not 2, not 3 but 5 different color! Wohoo!

Click HERE to see ALL the choices of color available in Play-Asia