Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nintendo DS Lite Brain Age 2 Bundle - 110V

Well what do you know.. The Brain Age 2 Bundle is finally out. And at quite a reasonable price too. Retailling at US 199.90, thats RM 703.55 for malaysian, the price of the whole special bundle is reasonable. In fact, looking at the included accesoric and colour combination, I dare say that this set is a steal. Let's do a simple calculation

Brain Age 2 Game = RM 150
Leather Pouch = RM 55
Limited Edition NDSL = RM 500

Bear in mind that i am using this as an example of the pricing only
If I were to calculate it ala Sungai Wang or Retailer pricing, this is what we will get

Brain Age 2 Game = RM 160
Leather Pouch = RM 70
LIMITED Edition NDSL = RM 700

Thats easily RM 930, so if you wanted to get an NDSL, I would suggest getting it now, and this bundle is worth every penny

More purchase information can be found HERE