Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Root Of All Evil!

There I was, strolling along happily to my rabbit hole to get some dough for the month. I took out my safety box and checked the amount. Shocked I was when I found out I barely have enough to survive!

This is the picture I get yesterday. My fund for this month has dwindled to CRITICAL level. I owe people money and there are quite a few games that I want to get. Meh... What is the root of all this Evil? Who took my money? Donning my Sherlock Holmes hat, I traced my financial statement and found the answer in Play-Asia

I bought no less then 10 Gashapon from Play-Asia and spend more of them on the gashapon machine found all over Kuala Lumpur. GAH! GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!

I blame it all on the following item. Click to see their evil picture

Nintendo DS Character Touch Pen Pocket Monster Diamond & Pearl Version Gashapon
Bleach EX 2 Phone Strap Gashapon
Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Phone Strap Gashapon
Nintendo DS Lite Software Collection 5 Keychain Gashapon
Animal Crossing Scene Changes Keychain - Crazy Redd
Animal Crossing Scene Changes Keychain - Tom Nook
Nintendo DS Pop-up Card Case Phone Strap

Damn you all!