Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Final Fantasy Miniature Trading Figures Vol. 1

I have been debating this for quite sometime since the Pre-Order was opened a month or so ago. Looking at the art, I can make out Rinoa, Yuna, Cloud, and the other fellow from FF 12 or 13 I believe. But the chick on the far left. I don't know her.

Anyway, should I get it? Or not? Its miniature size which fits my requirement nicely. But at RM 17.24 or USD 4.90 each, its a little bit on the expensive side for me. But then again, the nice art is just too tempting!

Final Fantasy Miniature Trading Figures Vol: 1

To buy or not to buy? That is the question.

P/s: Vol 1? does that mean there is vol 2 and 3 and 4? GAH!


David said...

You say you can make out Rinoa in the art, but you can't identify the "chick on the far left". They're the same person...

Reveur said...

Woops.. Sorry. I meant Far right.

LuanIII said...

From the left:Rinoa, Vaan(FFXII), Cloud, Panelo(FFXII also), Yuna(FFX-2).

Hope that helps you some.

(Geekiest GamHer ever)