Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Heroes Of Mana Meta Review?

I have my Igoogle set on receiving DSFanboy latest blog post to keep myself up to date with new things from their blog. They have pretty good stuff going on there, so its through there that I received this Metareview: Heroes Of Mana post. Below is quoted from them:

Opinions on the actual game Heroes of Mana are as varied as thoughts on the idea of taking the franchise in RTS direction. Review scores cover an enormous range, and in the end, we can only recommend that you find a reviewer you trust, or simply go with your own gut on this one.
And the above statements hold kind of true considering that the review marks varied from 50% to 81%. Thats a staggering amount of difference! Gamebrink gives it a 81%, IGN 81%, Games Radar 60%, Game Informer 50%.

Thats 4 percentage, 4 reviewer, 4 different opinion. What the hell...

Read more about this HERE

Have you purchased your Heroes of Mana from Play-Asia?
The Heroes of Mana cover does look sweet right?