Friday, August 10, 2007

R4,Rom and Homebrew

I was having conversation with a fellow blogger and forumer the other day and a disturbing notion came up. Its harder to find original game nowadays in Malaysia.This is not for lack of trying or lack of information. Its just, you can't find them!

No less then one year ago, we can walk into any popular shopping mall and there will be Original DS game everywhere. It was a sight to behold and I for one is willing to fork out 150 for an original game that I love. Contrary to popular belief, I try my best to get original game from time to time too :) But now, lingering in one of my frequent forum, a new user of NDSL will ask the first question, How do I get R4DS? Where can I find ROM? Or, the people that wanted to get NDSL will ask what is the cheaper alternative then a Rom Cart. COME ON! How cheap do you want it to be? Are you THAT cheapskate? If you cannot afford playing, then DON'T!

Whats even worse, some of this user do not even own ONE original DS game. Hey! I am not saying I own a lot. But at least MAKE AN EFFORT to support your chosen developer! Sure you are poor, sure you cannot find original game at your place. How did you buy your R4DS then? Or your NDSL? When there is a will, there is a way. No amount of reasoning will justify the fact that you just STOLE From the developer.

I am not one to start scolding anyone at all ( although I just did ), I admit that I am a R4DS user. But get this, I don't help people that want to get ROM because I know its wrong. I make an effort to get as much Original game as possible. I buy 2nd hand games, I buy games that have been thrown into the cheap bin in Play-Asia. I SELECT the game that I love and can afford. So unless you do something like this, don't start patronizing me.


mr-penman said...

hyppocrotamus spotted!