Sunday, August 5, 2007


So weekend is over and tomorrow the week starts over again. What did you guys do over the weekend? Caught up on your gaming? Killed that boss that you failed over 20 times? Raided that final boss in WoW?

Me, I spent a none gaming weekend this week. It was not exactly relaxing but it was fun. Started to celebrate my weekend by getting myself a Bleach gashapon from Sunway Pyramid. Manage to hit onto Ichimaru. He looks cute :D. It's not half bad looking. Now that I mentioned it.. I am still waiting for my second batch Bleach gashapon from Play-Asia.. It has been 3 weeks :(

The next day I spent the time at home catching up on my freelancing work.. Boy, its not easy sitting down and resisting watching all those series I got back logged onto my PC but meh I did it. Finished my freelance work, mail it over and watched Shooter by Mark Wahlberg. It was a pretty brutal and realistic movie. There quite a few mcguyver moment in there too. Ahh, haven't enjoyed such a brainless kill movie for sometime now.

In the evening, I don on my chef hat and prepared Italian spaghetti ala Jamie Oliver style for me and my GF. It was a noisy affair with cursing and flinging of vegetables here and there. But we left the kitchen relatively intact. But there was a minor problem. The Italian Spaghetti we cooked up can feed 3 very large person and there were only two of us... Time to pig it out..

After dinner, it was a marathon of Ken Watanabe movie as we watched The Last Samurai ( my gf pronounced it as the Last Samugam >.<) and Letters from Iwo Jima. Nice movie overall but it kinnda dampen the mood after the samurai was slaughtered in an "Honorable" death in The Last Samurai and Everyone in the Iwo Jima island died. Meh...
Anyway, Sunday was a day of sleep, left over spaghetti and Dinner in some Vietnam restaurant up on Midvalley. Didn't really caught their name but it was situated at cinema floor beside the Korean restaurant. Pretty nice place despite the location and the size of it. The food was not half bad and the price was decent. I got myself the last available issue of September EDGE from MPH. Wohhoo!

Anyway, what did you guys do over the weekend? I hereby tag

Prime-Minister of Nintendo LYN

Do refer bag to the person you guys tagged and entitled your post. Weekend :)

I need a weekend after this weekend...