Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shock! NDSL Replacement Casing

Just the other day a friend was screaming death and murder at his brother for breaking his NDSL hinge. He was complaining to me about how hard his brother close the NDSL and how huge the crack is. He calmed down a bit into disbelief when I told him about the cracked hinge problem for a White NDSL. Then it was death and murder for Nintendo for making their NDSL fragile ( People just can't be satisfied can they? )

Anyway, I looked around for solution to deal with the cracked hinge, partly to help him and partly to sooth my curiosity of modding NDSL. I found a couple of solution, but the only viable one is the SHOCK! Replacement Casing for NDSL, they have quite a few selection of casing available. But the one that really caught my eye is this.

They the folks that made this at claims that this is a 10 minute job with 4 steps. And I quote what they say below

If you were to change to the Magnum Chrome Premium Edition ONLY, the process comprise of only 4 replacement parts. It should take you less than 10 minutes for assembly as we have simplified the prcedure to a mere 3 steps which is very similar to replacing the faceplate of the PSP :
Right... 10 minutes... 4 steps.. They even posted a step by step picture guide on Flickr
( view it HERE ) now, either my maths is very bad or I can count at least 22 pictures there. And the last picture there say its step number 21. Thats 17 step more then what they claim.

Ok fine, they said its Magnum Chrome Premium Edition only. So are they saying they can do it all along? Or that they are doing this so that they can screw up your NDSL with 22 step and hope you get lost somewhere then cry dagger and death for fucking up the NDSL? And the price tag ain't cheap either. The price tagged is 10 cent shy from 50.00 USD. I think for now I will stick to my original casing.

I leave you here with a Naked NDSL picture. Enjoy

The case mod can be bought from HERE